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"Today’s training [engaging patients, families and staff] is some of the very best training I have ever attended."

"Very well structured. 
Inspiring ‐ in terms of system review rather than pin-pointed fault in individuals. 
Good suggestions on contributing factors"

"A brilliant session and very interactive.
This is how live training with participants should be."

"Extremely knowledgeable and experienced experts in the field. Shared past experiences and able to engage us all" 

"I want to commend you on the 'PSIRF'
It's an incredible achievement and must have been an extraordinary journey to take. 
The vision, ambition and guidance is desperately needed - for patients and clinicians alike."

"Very informative course that was well presented. Put across well and easy to understand. Atmosphere very pleasant, everyone contributed interactively and were made to feel valued and comfortable."

"Particularly enthusiastic & engaging. Got me thinking about what we need to do differently in other areas of our work as well as incident analysis"

"Lively trainer – lots of wisdom!"

"The facilitator was engaging and used examples of her practice to illustrate and add to the teaching.
I appreciate when the tutor has clear expertise and is willing to share this"

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